About us


Welcome to my website. My name is Madeleine Ivarsson and I live

in Gammalkil with my husband Torbjorn and our dogs.

The cats (ragdolls) Presley, Elvis and Pennie are also members of our family.


I have always been interested in dogs. First when I moved to my

own apartment I had my first dog. My grandparents had a cockerspaniel

called Jesper and that´s why my choice of breed was cockerspaniel.


In 1989 I got my first own dog, Charlie. One day I joined his breeder to

a dogshow and from that day I started to show myself!


Both my husband and I work as postman.



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Madeleine & Torbjorn Ivarsson

Unnerstad Rosendal 1

583 60 Gammalkil


tel: +46 70 542 62 50